Company values

customerfocus Customer focus: we listen to our customers.
Our first responsibility is to satisfy our customers and the customers of our customer. That’s why we deliver tailor-made services, in line with the desires and requirements of each of our customers, even the most demanding ones. Satisfied customers are the best guarantee for their successful growth and future.

Creativity: pioneering is part of our job.
Employees that walk the extra mile, get extra support. Because we stimulate new ideas and a pro-active approach. We stimulate the personal and professional development of our people. We invest in new technologies and in our products. Doing so, we come – together – to the best solutions. We express originality and adaptability by virtue of introducing and embracing these new ideas. Adapting to schedule changes, pro-active with new technologies, anticipate external factors and taking initiative.

Quality & Safety: we perform better.
A friendly and reliable service, on time and with priority on safety & security, every day, in all our stations. That is what our customers expect and that’s how Aviapartner is known. It is Aviapartner’s continued ambition to be the leader of quality network services to the aviation industry throughout Europe, providing consistent high quality services based on a pro-active attitude. Our quality system is based on continuous monitoring and analysis of key performance indicators with reporting to our customers. It is supported by ISAGO, IATA's Safety Audit for Ground Operations, IS-BAH, ISO9001/14001/45001, SGE21, SA8000 and IATA CEIV systems to achieve continuous improvement.

Competitiveness: being competitive, that is our daily challenge.
We want to be number one. Our clients come first, our quality is embedded, and our equipment is maximally used. This is only possible if we use all talents, with multifunctional and experienced employees that strengthen our international network. We build relationships with our clients characterised by mutual cooperation and responsibility. Through agreed SLA’s, Aviapartner agrees upfront our customers expectations, the services to be delivered and correct pricing.We promise to deliver and deliver what is promised.

People’s business: our people make the difference.
Commitment and flexibility, strong team spirit, dialogue and mutual respect, that is the engine of our company. This is also the reason why education, job opportunities and respect for each others work are so important within the company. This attitude we have in mind when serving our customers.

We are fully committed to minimize the impact of all our activities on the environment and to comply with all legal and other environmental requirements applicable to our business to become a sustainable ground handler.
We set long-term strategic environmental objectives and targets which are in line with the targets and objectives within the Countries where we operate.
Human and financial resources are provided to continuously improve our environmental performance.
The key points of our environmental strategy are:

  • Protection of the environment
  • Prevent pollution at all levels
  • Minimize our waste eliminating single use plastics
  • Reuse or recycle as much as possible
  • Minimize greenhouse gas emissions focusing on GSE replacement and fuel consumption and innovative technologies
  • Encourage the use of alternative means of transport and car sharing
  • Encourage the adoption of similar principles by our suppliers and other stakeholders