Our Services

We provide passenger and ramp services in 37 stations in Europe.

Passenger services

  • Reservations and ticketing
  • Check-In services and Departure Control Systems
  • Arrival and Departure services (including transfer and close-out)
  • Boarding assistance
  • Special assistance for passengers with reduced mobility and for unaccompanied minors
  • Baggage services and lost and found baggage services

Ramp services and traffic operations

  • Ramp Handling:
    aircraft loading and unloading, pushback and towing, headset, marshalling, toilet and water services, ground power, airstart, cleaning, de-icing, passenger ground transportation, crew transport, freight and baggage transfer, loading of catering, etc.
  • Traffic Operations:
    flight documentation and planning, crew briefing, weight and balance, load plan and load sheet, ground to air communication, flight supervision
We are serving cargo stations in Europe.
  • Cargo terminal operations
  • Warehousing and inventory control, cargo security
  • ULD build-up and breakdown
  • Dangerous goods and live animal handling
  • Documentation for import and export, customs clearance
  • Cargo transport to/from aircraft, tracing, airfreight trucking services
  • Cargo Service Center representing more than 115 stations throughout Europe for cargo import truck handling

The Aviapartner Academy is the ideal partner for training on aircraft- and cargo-handling, our trainers are all highly qualified and have a large experience in the handling-business. We can offer training in the following areas:

Basic Check-in
DCS-training (several systems)
Worldtracer (Lost & Found)
All categories (Cat 6Cat 7 & 8Cat 9Cat 10)
Aviapartner is recognized by IATA as Dangerous Goods Training School