18 December 2015 : Aviapartner press release licenses

Brussels, Belgium – Aviapartner is pleased to announce that it has been re-awarded a license to operate in Dusseldorf (DUS) airport and that it has been selected for one of the three future operating licenses in Rome-Fiumicino (FCO) airport, this last airport being previously opened to all handlers. These awards highlight Aviapartner’s ability to deliver top-class handling services in airports where it operates. We believe that elevated quality standards and passengers satisfaction all along their journey are the two pillars on which Aviapartner builds long term relationships with airlines and airports authorities.

2015 has been a year of important development and consolidation in passenger handling for Aviapartner. Over and above the organic growth, the Group took over the activities of MAP at 8 French airports (incorporating around 800 staff) in January 2015, and of GroundCare at Rome Fiumicino airport in February 2015. In May 2015, Aviapartner was awarded licenses to provide Handling services for commercial aviation at 7 airports in Spain, and a license for Private aviation services in Málaga.

With these licenses, Aviapartner progresses further towards its focus on the development of its Passenger Handling activity in continental Europe.

“We are delighted by the trust of authorities and airlines in the airports where we operate, in particular in the two main Hub Airports Düsseldorf and Rome Fiumicino. This token of recognition for the quality of the work delivered by our teams on the field further strengthens the European footprint of Aviapartner.” said Laurent Levaux, Aviapartner’s Chairman and CEO.

“At Rome-Fiumicino, Italy’s largest airport, the selection of Aviapartner as one of the three handlers, reconfirms and further strengthens the position of Aviapartner as the leading Ground Handler in the Italian market,” declared Jan De Leeuw, Managing Director Aviapartner Italy. “This major step follows the rapid expansion of the Italian network of Aviapartner over the last two years. Our presence in 11 Italian Airports was made possible by a continued focus on service and quality, thanks to the support and trust of our clients, partners and staff.”

“Aviapartner is extremely proud of being re-awarded its operating license at Düsseldorf Airport, Germany’s third largest airport”, said Blake Sclanders, Managing Director Aviapartner Germany. “Traffic to the North Rhein Westphalia hub is growing year-on-year. Aviapartner looks forward to continued partnerships with Airport Stakeholders and Airlines alike, our team of dedicated professionals and staff remaining committed to delivering the highest levels of service and quality at Düsseldorf Airport, to airlines and passengers”.


About Aviapartner
Aviapartner Group, headquartered in Brussels, is a leading European Ground Handling services provider employing over 7,000 staff and operating at 38 airports in 7 countries. In 2015, the group will handle 400,000 flights for a turnover close to EUR 400 million. Over 200 airlines trust Aviapartner to handle their operations.

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