05 March 2015 : Aviapartner’s Pharma Hub achieves IATA CEIV Pharma certificate


From left to right: Ellen Peeters, Elfie Bal, Nathan De Valck (Brussels Airport), Monique De Smet (IATA), Eddy Myngheer en Caroline Drossaert.

The continuous growth of the pharmaceutical industry has resulted in an ever-growing emphasis on high quality distribution and storage of its products. Aviapartner’s has set up a warehouse in January 2013 aimed at extending its high service quality to the needs of the booming pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to the company’s continuous efforts to guarantee a high service quality in its pharma warehouse, Aviapartner Brussels was granted the IATA CEIV Pharma certificate.

In January 2013, Aviapartner decided to extend its services by setting up a facility dedicated to temperature-controlled healthcare products. The new warehouse or pharma hub was erected in accordance with the EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Guidelines covering space of 1300m², with 1100m² between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius, and 100m² between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. The appointed staff have been pharma trained and some of the employees have even received the IATA Pharma diploma. All services such as acceptance, handling and delivery of healthcare products are performed according to the rules and regulations of GDP, IATA, Airlines’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and shippers’ requirements. Even a special tarmac SOP is possible, guaranteeing a more controlled tarmac transfer. These different measures all contribute to Aviapartner’s goal of living up to the high standards required to distribute and store pharmaceutical products. Due to the company’s unceasing dedication to improve the pharmaceutical warehouse, Aviapartner Brussels was granted the IATA CEIV Pharma certificate in December 2014.


One step ahead
From the start, Aviapartner has always tried to maintain a leading role in the aviation industry by striving for excellence and exploring new ways of improving its service. Consequently, the company has a longstanding tradition regarding innovation and improvement and these values are well-embedded in its corporate culture. Aviapartner’s innovative attitude has led to various inventive projects of which the warehouse dedicated to temperature-controlled healthcare products is the latest. Aviapartner is currently the only handling agent in Brussels with a facility totally dedicated to temperature-controlled healthcare products. While Aviapartner is striving for continual improvement in their different warehouses, other companies have only recently considered the possibility of setting up a similar facility. The ambition of the Aviapartner network is to get the other cargo facilities in Amsterdam and Liège also IATA CEIV Pharma certified in 2015.


A new dimension of service
Prior to the set-up of the pharma hub at Brussels Airport in 2013, Aviapartner did not have the extended knowledge of the particular requirements related to the distribution of pharmaceutical products it has today. Throughout these two years, the warehouse dedicated to temperature-controlled healthcare products has proven to be a valuable asset to the company. The pharma hub has created a new dimension in the company and also contributed to the entire network. The addition of the pharma warehouse has reaffirmed and reinforced Aviapartner’s leading role at Brussels Airport.

Brussels Airport as pharmaceutical gateway
Steven Polmans, Head of Cargo at Brussels Airport, applauded Aviapartner’s decision to set up a warehouse for temperature-controlled healthcare products. His main goal is to turn Brussels Airport into the leading gateway for temperature sensitive goods such as pharmaceutical products. Brussels was the first airport to be granted an IATA certificate in August 2014. Furthermore the airport will serve as an IATA pilot project in order to spread the IATA standards to other airports worldwide. Aviapartner’s pharma hub has contributed to the reinforcement of Brussels Airport’s position as a leading gateway for the pharmaceutical industry.

About Aviapartner
Aviapartner Group, headquartered in Brussels, is an international airport services provider. The group handles over 300,000 flights per annum to more than 400 airlines and 50 million passengers. Aviapartner is a leading European Ground Handling services provider present at 27 airports. The group employs more than 6,000 staff members and achieved a group turnover of 350 million euro in 2014.


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