Privacy Notice Job Applicants

Please read this Privacy Notice carefully. It explains why and how we collect your personal data, how we protect these and for how long we retain these. We keep your data as safe and secure as reasonably possible protecting these against loss and unauthorised disclosure or access and we will handle your personal data in strict compliance with applicable data protection laws, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (‘GDPR’).

This Privacy Notice has been set up as a Q&A (‘Questions & Answers’) list.

1. Who will process my personal data?
The ‘Data Controller’ of your personal data will be the following legal entity: Aviapartner Holding NV, having its registered seat at Brussels National Airport, 1930 Zaventem, Enterprise Number 0432.388.386, also on behalf of its group entities. We will refer to Aviapartner as “Aviapartner” hereafter.

2. What is the purpose and legal ground for processing my personal data?
The purpose for processing your personal data is to register your application for a job in our company and, if this application leads to start our selection procedure, make a profile of you, meaning that Aviapartner will process all the necessary data that is required for us to assess your job application in view of a potential recruitment. This evaluation can also imply an evaluation by a third party (‘assessment’).
The processing of your data is therefore necessary in order to take steps prior to entering into an employment contract and is in Aviapartner’s legitimate interests, i.e. the interest to assess and evaluate you before deciding on making an offer of employment, which is also in your interests or at least these do not outweigh our interests.
In case of positive evaluation and decision to hire, we will also use your personal data to prepare an employment contract.
In case of a decision not to hire you, we will retain your personal data for a period of time as well (see 7) in order to be able to contact you if any future job opportunities would seem to match your profile. This is also in the legitimate interests of Aviapartner.

3. Which categories of personal data will be processed?
Personal data is all information relating to you or on the basis of which you may be identified. Anonymous data, without possibility to identify you, could thus not be considered as personal data.
For the purposes referred to here above, the processing of personal data will include the following:

  • standard data related to your identity (surname, name(s), address, …);
  • personal data (date and place of birth, nationality, gender, phone number, email address, hobbies and interests, …);
  • your picture if you give it to us on a voluntary basis (e.g. included in your CV);
  • data with regard to your professional experience (profile, data on previous employers, termination of last employments and work carried out, special projects, …);
  • data with regard to your education (diploma’s, certificates, internships, special trainings, …);
  • language skills;
  • if applicable, whether you possess a permit of working and/or reside in the European Economic Area (EEA);
  • any other personal data that you present us with as part of your application, in your CV or motivation letter, related to the exercise of the role;
  • any other personal data (than mentioned above) that require processing by virtue of the law.

You are not required to provide us with these data. However, not doing so might adversely affect your chances of recruitment.

4. Who will have access to my personal data?
HR and your envisaged hierarchic superior(s) will have access to your personal data on a strict ‘need-to-know’ basis for the purposes described above.
We do not pass on your information to any other third party, with the possible exception of our assessment centre and our IT service provider.

5. Will my personal data be transferred to a country outside of the EEA?
As a general rule, your personal data will not be transferred outside of the EEA.

6. Will Aviapartner make use of automated decision-making?
Automated decisions are defined as decisions about individuals that are based solely on the automated processing of data and that produce legal effects or that significantly affect the individuals involved.
As a rule, Aviapartner does not make use of automated decision-making as described above. Aviapartner does not base its decision whether or not to hire you solely on automated processing of your personal data.

7. How long will my personal data be retained?
We will only hold your personal data for as long as it is necessary for the purposes described above. In case the recruitment does not result in an employment relationship, your personal data will be retained for a maximum period of 6 months after the end of the job application procedure for the purposes described under 2.

8. What are my rights with regard to the processing of my personal data by Aviapartner and who can I contact?
You have at any time the possibility to contact Aviapartner should you need any support while applying or managing your personal data. Additionally, you have at any time the right to contact Aviapartner if you want to:

  • Access your personal data. This includes the right to obtain a copy of the personal data undergoing processing to the extent that this would not adversely affect the rights and freedoms of others;
  • Rectify your inaccurate personal data including supplementing incomplete data;
  • Erase your personal data if there is no (longer a) lawful ground for us to process it;
  • Transfer your personal data (= to obtain them in a structured, commonly-used and machine readable format) insofar we process them in an automated way related to your employment contract (‘Contract’) or the prior steps thereto and insofar this does not affect the rights and freedoms of others, such as for example your colleagues;
  • Restrict your personal data if you were to object to the processing or to the accuracy of the processed data or if you wish to retain certain personal data in the context of a possible claim while Aviapartner no longer needs the data in the light of the purposes mentioned under point 2.

You have at any time the right to object to the processing for which Aviapartner bases itself in point 2 on the legitimate interest. Aviapartner will then cease the processing unless it has compelling legitimate grounds for the processing.
In addition, you also have the right - if you feel that Aviapartner did not act in line with data protection legislation - to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of your habitual residence, of your place of work or of the place of the alleged infringement.
If you would like to receive more information on the processing of your data, your rights or explanation of this Notice, you can always contact us. Your contact at Aviapartner for any further information about these rights is:

9. Changes
We may edit this Privacy Notice from time to time, within the limitations set out by the relevant privacy and data protection laws.